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Application: showcaseUllia
Layout / Themes: fortiscolorTheme-blue-gradient+styleBlue-buttons+controlSize-rowWidth+fullWidthConrols+mediaQuery_400px+nav-postition-left-outside
Design: layout=fortis&themes=colorTheme-blue-gradient+styleBlue-buttons+controlSize-rowWidth+fullWidthConrols+mediaQuery_400px+nav-postition-left-outside
language: en
locale: de_DE
bodyClass settings:
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  • u_columns_4
  • u_labelPaddingRight
  • u_language_en
  • ulliaBaseCfg
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pathInfo-ulliaSys: appinfo
pageName-ulliaSys: appinfo
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emptyCart-ulliaSys: yes
hasCustomer-ulliaSys: no
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authTrustStrength (loa): 0
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System: xhtml5 websystem: powered by ullia, version 7.2.c
Application Version: 7.2.c.34
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User Language: en (en)
frameTemplate: _omMainPage_fortis.html
application: main (base) = showcaseUllia
minify: auto (-> false)
trace: auto (-> false)
relativeLinks: auto (-> using relative navi-links); for absolute links: set ?relativeLinks=off
use Client-Storage: no
baseHref: auto (-> integrate <base href="...); to avoid: set ?baseHref=omit
cssImportOnBottom: auto (=false) to import on page-end: set ?cssImportOnBottom=true
cssInline: auto (=false) to insert css-style inline : set ?cssInline=true or appearance or deferred
base64images: auto (-> true)
docType: xhtml5
useSSL: true; (isHttps=1; sslProxy=
script: off
style: fortis
renderContainer: ul/li
use cache-compression: off
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browserId: DEFAULT
docType: xhtml5
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renderOptions: to be done...
style: fortis
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HSTS: max-age=10, includeSubDomains
Frame-Options: DENY
XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block
Content-Type-Options: nosniff
disable: disable_security_headers